Willian Henry "Bill" Gates III

61 years old

Born in Seattle, Washington

Business Magnate | Author | Investor | Technology Advisor | Philanthropist


Co-Founder of the largest software selling company, MICROSOFT

Co-Chairman of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Technology Advisor of MICROSOFT

CEO of Cascade Investment

Chairman of TerraPower

"Who is Bill Gates? What are his contributions in the field of Information Technology? What made him famous? What are his contributions in our daily life? In this Document the researcher’s going to tackle all about Bill Gates and what made him... him?

The researchers ask a normal Filipino teen if he knows about Bill Gates? The teen boy said “Bill Gates? I think I know him… Oh I know. He’s one of the richest men in the world, right?” And Yes the teen boy is he’s right. According to the Forbes magazine, Bill Gates is really one of the most wealthiest / richest man in the world from the year 1987 with the net worth or 81.7 Billion USD up until now (2016) with the net worth of 75 Billion USD. Ranking him of the top of the list. What can you say? He’s a Co-Founder of The maker of the best-selling Computer Operating System, The Microsoft Corporation with his childhood friend Paul Allen. Which then later became the world’s largest personal computer software company. Now who really is Bill Gates?

Bill Gates was born in Seattle, Washington with the name “WILLIAM HENRY GATES III” on October 28, 1955. Along with two sisters namely, Kristianne, his older sister and Libby his younger sister. They’re the children of a lawyer named William Gates and Mary Maxwell Gates who served on the board of directors for first interstate bank system and the United Way.

At the age of 13, he enrolled at a private preparatory school named Lakeside School. The School offers Students to use computers on a General Electric (GE) Computer, They call it computer time. Bill Gates then took an interest in programming the General Electric Electic system in Basic (a Programming Language). He was Excused from his math classes to pursue his interest.

Bill Gates then made his very first computer program on the General Electric Computer. A game name TIC-TAC-TOE and it allows the user to play with or against the computer.

After programming the game. Bill Gates Then meet Paul Allen , Ric Weiland and Kent Evans. They’re arrangement made them to make a programmed data processor (PDP-10) for the Computer Center Corporation (CCC).

The Four Students offered Computer Center Corporation to continue to find bugs in their system in exchange for the computer time (the use of computer). Bill Gates then went to Computer Center Corporation’s offices rather than using the system via teletype, to study source codes for various programs in Fortran, lisp (Both are Programming Languages) and machine language. The Arrangement of the four students and the Computer Center Corporation continued until 1970.

After The Arrangement with the Computer Center Corporation, Information Sciences Incorporated hired the four Lakeside School students to write a payroll program / system in Cobol (a Programming Language) , Providing them computer time and royalties.

After it. The Administrators of Bill Gates in his school became aware of his programming abilities. Bill Gates then wrote the Lakeside School’s computer program to schedule students in classes.

Bill Gates Then served as a Congressional page in The United States hous of Representatives in early 1973. And also on the year 1973, Bill Gates Graduated from his school, Lakeside School and was a National Merit Scholar. He scored 1590 out of 1600 on the Standardized test (SAT, Widely used test for college admissions in the United States).

In autumn of 1973. Bill Gates Enrolled at Harvard University with a math 55 (a course, probably the hardest freshman level class at Harvard).

In the summer of 1974, Bill Gates Dropped out of Harvard University and he talked to his parents who were very supportive of him. And at the same time, His childhood friend , Paul Allen also dropped out of his school, Washington State University.

On april 4 1975, Bill Gates became the CEO (chief executive officer) of Microsoft, with Paul Allen came out with the original name “Micro-Soft”. The main job of Micro-soft was to make a program for a basic interpreter for the device called the Altair 8800 microcomputer by Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry System (MITS).

On August 1977, Bill Gates company formed an agreement with ASCII magazine in Japan.

On 1980, Microsoft Entered the OS (Operating System) Business with it’s own version of UNIX called “XENIX”. However it was MS-DOS that made the company more famous.

Today, Bill Gates Opened up the opportunity to people around the world to use computers through the use of his company’s products. Microsoft’s Windows Operating System has become the most / high / best selling operating system of all time. And That’s the contribution of Bill Gates in the field of Information Technology.

Who would knew that kid from Seattle, Washington named William Henry Gates III would make the most famous computer software company in the world. And made the one of the most biggest contributions in the field of Information Technology.



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